Quick glimpse – MbN – August of 2003

I skipped last night as I was feeling under the weather, but I’m back at it tonight with something special!

The following was translated from Latin:

Honoured Azrael,

As instructed I write to you, what I hope, is a short but satisfactory report. As was reported earlier, there are issues with your new training column but I would expect no less given the speed at which they are being pushed. Ricardo, while a fine instructor normally, is a poor choice and is feigning disinterest in this assignment. I caution that he is looking for any excuse to take the Archbishop’s childe out of the equation in retribution for past slights. I base this upon their interaction at the Palla Grande of 1759, and their further interaction at the Festivo dello Estinto in Mexico in 2001, when Ricardo’s childe disappeared.

I am able to recommend that further testing of this column should be undertaken, preferably where the dogs of Vienna can be used as a target. I feel that one of the candidates may have an innate resistance to their inferior hermetic arts. I regretfully, can not report further at this time as I respectfully wish to protest the presence of Samson during my investigation. His near immediate presence posed an unnecessary distraction upon the turncoat. Therefore I was unable to confirm a discreet test of blood.

I remain your agent, S

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