Microphone Echo on Windows 10

This evening we needed to troubleshoot an echoing issue after some Microphone changes out in the Pub/Gaming room.

This little tutorial pertains to Microphone Echoing issues on Windows 10 for Google Hangouts, when using a USB microphone.

  1. Non-technical:
    1. Adjust your microphone so it is physically pointing away from your speakers.
    2. Lower your speaker volume slightly ~10%.
  2. Technical:
    1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type Audio into the search box that appears.
    2. Look for an entry for Manage audio devices and select that.
    3. This will open your Sound settings.
    4. Select the Recording tab and then scroll to your desired USB Microphone and choose it’s Properties. In my case it’s a Desktop Microphone (Studio – Microsoft LifeCam), with the Properties button in Yellow as you can see in the following photo. 
    5. From the Microphone Properties window that opens, select the Advanced tab, and look for the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device setting, and uncheck it as you see in the following photo.
    6. From this point, you will need to go to your Levels tab and select the Desktop Microphone slider. You will Lower your level to 60 and press Apply. This will reduce the sensitivity of the microphone, and likely reduce the echo. At this point, you will need to perform a test with Google Hangouts. You may need to repeat this step a  few times, either lowering or raising the Levels as the test reflects. 



Mage: The Ascension

These are some notes that I’m jotting down about Mage to help me keep it straight. Much of it will be explained within the framework of the movie ‘Matrix’ or “Harry Potter.”

Awakening – The time when you begin to realize that magicks can be worked, and they can affect the world. It is the moment in the Matrix where Morpheus asks “Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?” and you begin to understand.

Avatar – A second soul or spirit that an awakened Mage has. The Avatar is what allows you to channel or create Magick, think of it as your “Patronus” helping you channel the magick.

Sleeper – Everyone who is not Awakened. Those who are still “asleep” in the Matrix.

Paradox – The bad things that happen when the Sleepers see you performing magick that they can not explain. It is the glitches that occur when you bend their reality.

Arte – The depth of understanding of Magick that you have. “There is no spoon.” is a classic example of when someones Arte has just increased.

Spheres – These are the core building materials of reality that Mages draw from for Magick.

Quintessence – This is your magical gas tank, your Chi, or Mana. Everything in the world contains some Quintessence, but not all of it can be used by a young Mage.

Resonance – Magick leaves fingerprints or marks upon the world when it is cast. The more powerful the magick, the larger the mark. Each fingerprint is somewhat unique to the Mage who cast the magicks.

Paradigm – Magick is understood differently by each Mage. Paradigm is the framework in which you understand it. Just as some may understand this post in terms from the Matrix, others may need explained in terms of Video games, or a specific novel.

Foci – Magical tools or routines that you need to channel or focus your magickal energy through.

Traditions – Simply explained, these are Houses of Mages and each house shares some common powers as well as personality or thought traits. The “Sorting Hat” from Harry Potter made sorting the traditions quite easy for them.

Nephandi – Demon consorting, infernalists Mages. These Mages are shunned and hunted by all.




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