Quick glimpse – MbN – New York City, New Years Eve, 1978

Another snippet from the in-game past of our Montreal by Night game.

A certain famous nightclub, in Manhattan during it’s heyday.

The speakers pumped the disco beat throughout the club. Only in the VIP area could you hold a proper conversation. The rich and famous rubbed elbows with the most beautiful ‘commoners’ that New York had to offer. Outfront, the velvet rope separated the masses from the elite. Tonight, the masses were in for a treat. Bianca, Liza, Farrah, and Grace had already showed up. Mick was inside too, and Truman was expected to arrive shortly. One of the doorman yelled for room to be made as yet another Cadillac pulled up. He reached to open the door, hoping that it wasn’t yet another smart ass kid who had ‘borrowed’ their dad’s car in an effort to make a show. The crowd gasped as the door opened and a blonde bombshell slid from the car. Haoui, the head doorman placed a hand on the velvet rope, unsure of what to do. The look alike walked slowly toward Haoui and the magical rope, her hips rocking back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm. Flash bulbs went off like rockets as she stepped in front of the mighty doorman. “Darling…” she whispered as she slid a finger along the line of his jaw. “…I’m so very cold. Can I come in?”

Haoui unclipped the velvet rope, and hastily lifted it aside. Of course “Miss Monroe, Happy New Year!”

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