The Roll20 Digital Gaming Projector: Howto Part VI

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Last weekend (the second of two back to back long weekends in Quebec) I returned to update everyone on the gaming projector project. As you saw, I had most of the ceiling beams up and in place.

I took a third long weekend (so much for my vacation bank) to spend more time with the family, accomplish some on more work on this project and to help a friend with renovations. Due to a nasty bout of rain, the renovations were delayed, which meant that I celebrated my 100th day of marriage with my wife (instead of renovating at a friends) and finished even more on the beams. As you’ll see in the next photo, the beams are essentially done (thanks to help from my wife on Friday), and the gaming room is cleaned up a little bit. Today (Sunday) I even found my wife’s preferred set of dice while cleaning!


In this second photo, you get a sense of my new projector and mirror mount. The mounting support is a steel pipe, spray painted with a hammered black finish. I think that it will work just fine once the mirror and projector are tweaked. Until then, the single point of connection that the pipe gives, is a little less stable than the old I-Beam rail design, so the image is a little off.


Left to do:

  • I need to wire in two more speaker outlets
  • Purchase Speakers and an Amplifier
  • Mount the Speakers
  • Trim the chain on the mirror (it holds it on an angle)
  • Finish the LED strips
  • Finish off the moulding in the rest of the ceiling
  • Photograph the entire setup