The Roll20 Digital Gaming Projector: Howto Part V

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So it has been nearly a year since my prior entry in this series (Part VI on July 5th, 2015). Since then I’ve begun a few changes in the gaming room, some aesthetic and some for function. Suffice to say, we have moved forward from the version of the projector that you see here.

The Mirror

When we installed the gyproc/sheetrock in this room we only had a vague idea of what we were doing, and frankly we were not too careful. A few years of staring at bad joints drove us to do something about it. From the start I knew that I wanted to have ‘faux beams’ in the room, and that they would cover some of the mistakes. My wife also suggested that we wall paper the ceiling (which we also did in our Front porch), which would further conceal our mistakes.

This resulted in some work in June, 2016. My wife chose the pattern, and then the Brother-In-Law and I put up some wallpaper, which I painted later on. A couple of weeks after that, I built a framework from pine boards (and homemade MDF brackets) that I anchored to the ceiling. You can see what that starts to look like here.

Open Beams

This led to a series of conversations about wiring in speakers, USB, HDMI and several other types of cable, for future proofing. Since I do this frequently for my day job (I work in Technology), it was only a matter of time and budget. Now, on Canada Day weekend, 2016, we made a little headway in between my wife’s return to work from Maternity leave. As you can see in the following picture, most of the wiring has been run (for 7.1 surround sound focused on the gaming table), HDMI for the projector and a new projector mounting system. Entry IV (to come) in this series will cover the wiring in a bit more detail as well as the projector setup.

Overhead Beams