The Roll20 Digital Gaming Projector: Howto Part IV

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The Roll20 Digital Gaming Projector: Howto Part IV

Tonight I’m going to briefly discuss the type of PC that you should be using for this.

My criteria came down to the following:

  • Silent or nearly silent as it’s sitting right next to my players.
  • The smaller, the better
  • Portable, or at least portable enough that I can put it away and use the table for other things
  • A reasonable sized screen, as attempting to control the projected map while it is upside down is a pain in the butt
  • Will accept a USB mouse, you may not need one, but I felt that I needed one
  • Enough CPU/RAM and Graphics power to drive Roll20 and whatever else you need (in my case I also play mood music for Airplay/Wifi).
  • A Uni-lingual English keyboard. Again you may not need one, or it may not be an issue for you, but I live in Canada and multilingual keyboards are a pain in the butt.
  • Cheap or free

In the end, here’s what I did:

  • I went with two older and under powered systems.
  • I use Synergy [] to control both PCs with one keyboard and one mouse.
  • I split my tasks over the two systems, music and the ‘DM view’ on one laptop, with the ‘Player/Projector view’ on the second system.

What I should do:

  • Invest in a Macbook or other quality laptop