The Roll20 Digital Gaming Projector: Howto Part II

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The Roll20 Digital Gaming Projector: Howto Part II

Last night in my haste to begin this process, I skipped a few background details. While most of my readers know, maybe some of you aren’t aware that I work in IT (Information Technology). I’ve had to put up more than one conference room projector over the years, and I know a bit about them. A couple of years ago, a co-worker introduced me to the world of short throw projectors and more exotic materials like Vikuiti film. While I won’t be using Vikuiti for this project, I’ve had a chance to experiment with it, and bouncing projected images off of mirrors.

Once the seed of the idea for the project was planted, and I had permission from my wife to proceed (as this isn’t a $50.00 project), I began shopping for a suitable projector.

My criteria were fairly straight forward:

  • Price: less than $200.00 after help from my gaming group
  • The projector needed to be physically small as the ceiling of my gaming room is only 6’6″
  • The “throw” of the image would be less than 6 feet even if I bounce it off of a mirror (to the top of my gaming table)
  •  The projector needs to be fairly quiet and not generate a lot of heat as we will be sitting “right under it”
  • Mountable either upside down,  or pointed downward
  • 1280 by 800 resolution
  • HDMI connection

Some of the elements that worked in my favor:

  • I wired the room that it will be in, so I know what circuits are free
  • I work in IT and I have contacts with various suppliers
  • The lights in the gaming room are dim-able, and broken into three independently controlled sections; two wall scones on each of the far walls, and a line of lights down the 28′ length of the room.
  • The room has only two windows, and we put heavy curtains on each window.

This brought the choice down to two strong contenders:

The EPSON VS335W –


The DELL M115HD –


From the start, the Dell had several advantages in my mind. It’s smaller, quieter, lighter, and 37% cheaper (thanks to my Corporate Dell rep giving me a discount).  The Epson had one thing that the Dell couldn’t deliver (brighter light/more lumens). While I didn’t discard this, since I can control the light in the gaming room, and I’m only ‘throwing’ the image under 6 feet, it wasn’t much of a concern.

Now, the Dell is on it’s way, and due to arrive before the 15th of June.


If you’re curious about Vikuiti Film, check this out.