CP2020 – Tease

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Something I was toying around with tonight…


You never thought that you’d bother with the e-book that was left for you in the med-center. Who even reads e-books in 2020, you thought. But seeing as how this was a black market clinic hidden in Chinatown, and not a MegaCorp hospital, you gave in after two days of staring at the ceiling.

The cover read; “What if Cyberware was never Invented?” It wasn’t even close to a page turner, and the premise was fairly weak to someone laying in bed while they were fitted with sub-dermal armor and Vamps™. If the ‘Big One’ in Los Angeles hadn’t happened in ‘96, the USA would have never given the Military control of the country when the gangs spread out like nomads.

As if that wasn’t unbelievable enough, the story laid out even more outlandish concepts; without Martial Law in the USA, the Mega-Corporations never went to war with each other, destroying the farms all across the Midwest in the process. That meant that millions didn’t die in the famine of ‘03-04, or was that ‘05?

Eventually the book laid out that without all of these events, the advancement in cyber tech ultimately never happened. There were no such things as; full on chrome limbs, Wolvies™, neural implant jacks, smart gun uplinks, and even, automatic makeup. Really? You caught yourself shaking your head as you read the last couple of pages. The author spent 300 odd pages explaining how that without the earthquake that sank half of LA almost 25 years ago, we couldn’t have automatic makeup? Bullshit.

At least you passed the time until the medic cleared you. You’re eager to get back on the street and earning credits. That should be easier with new Vamp fangs and armor hidden under your skin.

Now it’s time to pull on your combat boots, reinforced trench-coat and drop some street-trash for fun and profit!