Good for me and you!

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This post was inspired by my Toddlers’ book collection AND some of my friends/players have asked me recently, why I have so many restrictions on my games in the last year.

I realize that some of my motivation isn’t quite clear, so here it is!

It’s so that I can have some headache free fun while running the game(s)!
Good for me and you!
I’m human, so running a game is way less fun for me:
  • When I have players complaining about the other characters/players. Talk with the player and/or share this article with them before talking with me.
  • Characters withhold information from each other or blowing off in-game questions from other PCs. We are not method actors who are in the running for an Oscar, so don’t be a dick to the fellow players.
  • Likewise, if someone is being a Dick under the pretence of “It’s my character” talk to the player about why you feel that it’s hampering your fun.
  • When a player insists that every problem is treated according to their best specialisation since it’s more efficient. Share the spot light.
  • And the related problem of when your character is good at everything at first level! Okay you win. Now let us move on and make something else that is interesting and has flaws (but isn’t crippled by flaws).
  • I need to spend a couple of extra evenings every month dealing with “my imaginary character wouldn’t do X..” even though it makes sense for the story and it isn’t an ethical problem for the player.
  • When I need to worry about PVP and the complaints that come with it. So I insist that I don’t want to deal with Evil (or Chaotic Neutral) player characters. Play good guys.
  • You didn’t bring an Adventurer to the Adventure! If all your character wants to do is stay home and study/read/knit… make something else to play.
  • If your idea of fun is being CHAOS/RANDOM/DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, please let me know before you make a PC. I know some other DMs that I can direct you to that may enjoy that. I don’t. I like rational play in my games.
  • A player insists that it’s their job to “Challenge the DM”. Dude/Dudette, I can have a bolt of lightning strike your PC dead for 100d20 damage with no save and call it ‘Legal’. Just play the game and have fun!

If you think that you hit some of these marks, or fear that you hit all of them…. talk to me about how you can help avoid it/improve it or take a break.

I don’t need more headaches, I like it when the game is good for me and you!