V5 – Over Two Weeks – Review

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Such as:

  • The offer for an advanced shipment of the Core book came in this week.  For an additional £12.23 GBP (20.xx CDN) I could get the book a month earlier than I would otherwise. Seeing as I bought a slipcase set, I can only expect my shipment in November. That cost doesn’t get deducted from the 68 CDN in shipping that I’ve already paid. Seeing how the money grubbers are conducting themselves, I expect that my ‘November’ shipment (via DHL) will arrive in January.
  • Also, the first errata came out for the PDF. I get that errata is needed, and that mistakes happen in editing. What I don’t understand is why they haven’t actually fixed the bookmarks in the PDF. It was below standard, to begin with, not addressing it when they had a chance was plain stupid.