TLM – Uniqueness Teaser

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One of the nods to earlier editions of the game, that I’m using in The Lost Marches are unique powers. These are abilities that you might gain or lose due to events in the game. Of course, this is a teaser and not a full list.

CENSORED Technique
The CENSORED taught a simple but effective technique that channelled a reservoir of spiritual power into a strike. Any unarmed strike had the potential to unleash limitless damage upon a foe. Your unarmed strikes’ damage dice becomes open-ended/exploding.

Hellfires Scorn
The residual energy of CENSORED flows through your body for the next tenday, granting you resistance to Fire damage.

True Grit
Having undergone brutal training, you have learned to accept blows for the benefit of CENSORED. As a free action on your turn, you may choose one ally that is adjacent to you, you willingly accept blows meant for them. You take any damage from melee attack that would have hit them as long as they are adjacent to you or until your next turn.


Having learned the TECHNIQUE, you have empowered your spells against CENSORED. CENSORED is now vulnerable to your magics, and you impose disadvantage upon CENSORED saving throws to avoid them.