TLM to Montreal

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I took a few minutes this morning to put together a comparative overlay of distance between the initial area in The Lost Marches and the greater area of Montreal. For comparison’s sake, I’ve set Limen at the intersection of A15 and A720. Right around the Home Depot in St Henri. I’ve chosen this because most of my players are familiar with the area.

  • Limen – Intersection of A15 and A720.
  • The Briars – Montreal East
  • Ruins of Border Town – Where A19 crosses into Laval.
  • Medusa Maze – Cote Vertu Shopping Center
  • Barak Dur – Victoria Bridge
  • The Shadowed Castle – Intersection of A19 and A40.
  • The Barrows – Montreal North
  • Gnollwode – North of the 440 in Laval