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These posts will come out back to back, so if you haven’t read it yet, take a few minutes to catch up on PART I.

Recently I solicited the players of The Lost Marches for a list of what their characters are most interested in doing next. This is so that I can focus my efforts on providing storylines that are in the direction or vein that they are most keen on following. I think that I have more than enough material and engagement, as I was surprised at how many questions the players came up with!

I’ve edited the lists compiled by the players, as sometimes an item or event was mentioned by multiple people.

Current or Near Future Goals

  • Stabilize the situation in the Town of Limen.
  • Assist the Rogue with the mission that he was offered by The Pommel.
  • Speak with the Dwarves about the Hammer that the party found in the Dwarven tomb.
  • Investigate the Deed for the Duchy that was recovered from the Wight-mound.

Goals that span near and long-term

  • Invent the most kickarse Mead that has ever existed.
  • Investigate who is orchestrating the attacks on the Town of Limen, since it clearly isn’t under the direction of savage Gnolls
  • Where did the teleportation circles come from? Why is it invested with devils?
  • Learn the Draconic language, it seems to be the language of The Lost Marches.
  • Ensure the longterm survival of the faith of Pelor by establishing a new generation of Clerics and/or Paladins.
  • The Baroness of Limen had an adventuring party and we know a little about them, but we want to know more.
  • Likewise for the Baroness’s dead husband, he died around twelve years ago but no one speaks of it.
  • Teaching elven to Elian the Paladin.

In the Longerterm

  • Explore beyond a day’s march from the Town of Limen
  • Visit the Elves, Giants and Dragons
  • Who are the Dragonkin and countless other questions about them.
  • Install a new Duchess (since the PCs have a deed that grants the title)
    The Lost Marches are filled with ruins of settlements, what happened during the Fracturing of the Great Compact?
  • What are Mystics (Psionics) and where does this power come from?
  • Learn more about the Dwarves of The Lost Marches, including their culture and religion.


Now, this isn’t to say that the world will stop moving around the PCs because it isn’t on this list. It doesn’t matter how interested the players are in whether winter is around the bend, every day they are one step closer to the snows setting in. Likewise for some plot points that didn’t make this list.