The Church of Pelor

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A work emergency slowed me down, but here are my working notes on Paladins and Clerics of Pelor in The Lost Marches.

Order of the Radiant Sun

Pelorian paladins, known as Crusaders, are quite rare. Pelor’s paladins see themselves as bringers of light, those which scour away darkness and evil and bring strength and comfort to the innocent. Recently, the Order has declared to the King of Insulia that they shall move their headquarters to The Lost Marches in the year 1440, as they are most needed in the unsettled lands.

Crusaders believe that laws are helpful, but that they are at best a secondary goal and must be tempered with mercy. Their slogan is Equity for the Meek with Perseverance and Strength.

When not in formal dress, Crusaders favour light-coloured tunics, particularly sky blues, pale greens, or greys. Some dress in commoner’s clothing, especially when serving as community healers or in disguise. On formal occasions, they wear a black cloak emblazoned with the symbol of the sun. They blend into the darkness, only the shining symbols visible to their foes.

By their nature, Crusaders typically follow the Paladins Oath of the Crown (Sword Coast Adventurers Guide pg. 133),  and swear allegiance to either the Kingdom of Insulia or the Baroness of Limen in equal numbers. This has resulted in two factions within the Order of the Radiant Sun, those who belong to The Shield of the Realm and those who are Yeoman to the Baroness (


The Grand Temple of Pelor

Clerics of Pelor are constantly aware that they are the moral compass of the civilized lands. The Grand Temple of Pelor has a monopoly upon the spiritual devotion of every goodly person. Within the civilized lands, every village, and most hamlets benefit from the services of a local Priest or Adept of the Light, while every town has a Radiant Servant to see to offer guidance. Whereas the cities are overseen by High Priests of Pelor, the Capitol is home to both the King and the Patriarch of Light, herself.

When not in formal dress, Clerics favour clothing similar to the Paladins of Pelor, light-coloured tunics, particularly sky blues, pale greens, or greys. Unlikely Paladins, never will a Cleric dress in commoner’s clothing, even when serving as community healers or in disguise. On formal occasions, Clerics wear a Cope, a form of symbolic cape emblazoned with the symbol of the sun.

Given the influence and respect that the Grand Temple of Pelor commands, Clerical ranks are typically drawn from the second and third children of Noble families. Due to these family ties, there is a heavy skew toward adventuring Clerics favoring the Shield of the Realm faction and the domain of Light within The Lost Marches. Exceptions are of course not unknown, and more than one humbly born peasant Cleric has become a Yeoman to the Baroness of Limen and studied the Domain of Nature.