Damn Goblins!

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I’ll be keeping this short (I hope), but it is mostly to sing the praises of three tough little Adventurers. You see, these three little Adventurers were on their way to Points More Interesting™ when they needed to rest in the ruins of an ancient village.

Finding a convenient, and obviously well used, campsite, they camped down for the night. Being prudent, they had set watches (as one does in the wild), and it was good that they did! Unbeknownst to the Adventurers, Goblins had realized some time ago, that they could lay traps around this campsite and attack groups that camped there.

As trial and error had taught this Goblin tribe that they could likely deal with any group that didn’t have a man who wore Full Plate armour or that didn’t carry a Long bow, this seemed like the perfect group to attack! Late in the night they struck, firing at the campfire lit Adventurers from the darkness. Luck was against the Tribe, arrows did not find their mark and no one panicked enough to run at the Archers. With their numbers dwindling, and their traps unused, the Tribe pulled back to the sewers beneath the ruined village.

The cunning of the Tribe was not a small thing. The sewers were their home, and they had long ago taken an active interest in its defence. Their Chieftain had given clear instructions, the Warren must be defended at all times, and it is better to let others do the killing when possible.

With that in mind, Skeletons were rounded up and led into a room, then left a nasty surprise to would be invaders. Likewise, a giant snake was permitted to grow even larger and allowed to nest in a collector pool. The whole Tribe knew of these dangers, and their young were taught to avoid these traps.

Days later, the same group of Adventurers stormed the sewers beneath the town! Cruel Fire and Steel they carried! The Chieftain rallied the Tribe, they would defend their home with anything at hand! The Tribe must survive! For once, The Chieftain saw a threat that scared both he and his Tribe.

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