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I suspect that I will circle back to this post sometime in the future, as I have more information I wish to say than what I will tonight.

As I flesh out parts of The Lost Marches, I am drawing upon prior editions of D&D, Pathfinder and a few other RPGs. This has meant that I’ve been looking up ‘Titles by Level’ for a few classes, hireling pay rates, and information on demographic breakdowns. Here’s a first draft breakdown of the ‘Capitol’ of The Lost Marches.

Limen, Small Walled Town

Size: The town of Limen covers an area of approximately 17 acres, with a total population of 1060 people. The population is almost entirely human (96%), with much smaller numbers of halflings (2%), elves (1%) and other races (1%).

Wealth: The town’s gold piece limit is 800 gp. Anything, whether it be mundane or magical, having a price under that limit is most likely available for purchase. The total amount of available coinage, or the total value of any given item of equipment for sale at any given time, is 42,400 gp.

Demographics:  86% Commoners/Peasants, 4% Warriors, 3% Experts (Skilled Trades), 7% Other

Power: Conventional (LG), Baroness Limen

Clergy: Church of Pelor (LG), Radiant Servant Bartlett

Druidic Circle: None, Missing

Academy of High Magic:  School of Aequus (NG), Magus Novo

Monastic School: School of Two Mountains (N), Adept Jaffrey

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