CbN – Quick Glimpse – Longewala Textiles

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With an accent most associated with the British aristocracy, the receptionist answered the phone. “Good Evening, Longewala Textiles, to who may I direct your call?” While listening to the caller, the process of tracing the call began without a sound.

“Of course. I would be very pleased to book an appointment with our Vice President of Sales if that would be suitable.” She paused, and waited patiently for an answer. “Very good then Sir, when would be best for the demonstration?”
“Very good Sir. June seventeenth. Would 1 AM local, at Chicago’s Navy Pier, be acceptable for a product review…” She frowned at being cut off so, but she remained stoic and carried on.
“Yes Sir, we will know your client by a red tie. On behalf of the Longewala Textiles Family, I thank you for the oper.*click*..tunity.” The receptionist gave a slight sigh as the line went dead mid-sentence. “No manners, those bloody Americans.”
She then began to make the arrangements for a ‘product demonstration’ with her employer.


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