CbN – Quick Glimpse – Down South

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18 MAY 93
Diego pressed the intercom; “Disculpe Maestro, but your ship docked twenty minutes ago. Refueling has commenced.” There was no reply, but Diego knew better than to repeat the information. To his eyes, El Maestro missed nothing.
It had been a whirlwind journey so far. The Citation had touched down in San Antonio less than an hour before. The meeting that followed was so short, he hadn’t been able to finish his Marlbro. Diego mused to himself “We’ve three hours until we’re aboard, then I can relax.” Until then, Diego would remain ill at ease.This is not how he liked to protect his grandsire.

The Loomis truck, didn’t have the speed or maneuverability that he preferred, and he didn’t give a damn about the armor. Even that puta Miguel, could rip through it if needed. The best part about the truck was it’s markings. They made it easy for the masses to explain away the Ranger escort.

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