CbN – Quick Glimpse – May 18th

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At forty six minutes after one AM, and without notice to the world above, gloved hands turned a large valve. The effort only stopped when the valve wheel broke from the stem, closing the pipe where it entered the wall. A cast iron wheel in hand, a shadowy form darted into the pressing confines of the tunnels.
On the other side of the same wall, a different scene played out. Mounted on each of the supporting pillars, were small rectangular bundles. One by one, the single light on each went from a solid green to an angry flashing red. Thirteen seconds later, in synchronized order, brief fireballs erupted throughout the barren basement.
Sprinkler heads burst throughout the room. The sprinkler system poured it’s contents onto the floor. Without a functional connection to the city main, the system drained itself in record time.
Exactly one hundred and forty six seconds after the fireballs had erupted in the basement, the ground floor rocked. A series of similar fireballs blossomed in the ground floor of the newly renovated club.
Away from the expanding inferno, beneath murky waters, a form was stirred from it’s slumber.

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